Wikipedia article sources

Utzi iruzkina

martxoa 18, 2013 egilea: mireiagaray

When we start thinking about our Wikipedia article we think in different topics like musicians, actors, books… Finally, for many reasons we choose La Vida Es Bella film.

To can elaborate our work we started finding different sources. When we searh on Google the title of the film appear many websites related with the topic. For us was so difficult to choose which two sources will be our guides to create the article. Wikipedia is one of this sources. We choose that for many different reasons one of them is because it gives us information in many aspects like plot,awards or recepcion. Moreover, the information which appear in the infobox is useful to do the work because appear information about the music, country, language and so on. Another source is filaffinity has special characristic because there are reviews that help us to understand better the plot of the film. Furthermore, the right part of the website show up the mark of the film.

To sum up, these websites are the most useful tools to elaborate our wikipedia article. The information that gives will be so important to our work


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